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All our Product range is displayed on the website along with their price and description. If you want to purchase any one out of it, you need to register yourself as a buyer once in a life. Our system will generate a Unique Identification Id. and will send it to your registered Mobile Number. Then onwards you will be able to purchase any of our products from our authorized Franchisees. With a reference of your Unique Identification Id., you will be able to enjoy the retail Discount also.
You need to purchase a product with in the time limit of 60 days from the date of your registration. Your registration will be treated as dead if failed to do so within the time.

Business Opportunity

If you feel that our products are really good enough and you can sell it in the market individually, then we have the opportunity of Direct Seller (D.S.) for you.

How to become an D.S. (Direct Seller)?

By using the Unique Identification Id. and Password which you have received at the time of registration should be used to log into the D.S. account.

D.S. Agreement

After logging into your account, you need to agree the Digital Agreement for D.S.. Once you agreed to it, you become an authorized D.S. of the company.


Your KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance is necessary as you are now entitled to earn the benefits of a Direct Seller as per the Incentive Plan.

Product Purchase is not compulsory

It is not compulsory to purchase any of our products or services to become an D.S.

No Benefits on Registration

Nobody will be benefited in the company in terms of any kind of incentives due to the new D.S. appointments. To start getting incentives as a D.S. you need not have to create a Team / Chain under you. But to boost your incentives, you can create a sales team under you.

Only Sales based Incentives

D.S. incentives will be totally dependent on the sales made by you or your Sales team. There are strictly no benefits for those don’t want to sale and enjoy the incentives. This is not a theme / scheme where in you purchase a product and get benefits in terms of incentives for a short / long period. Every product is allotted a M.R.P. (Maximum Retail Price), S.C. (Sales Cost), P.V. (Point Value) and B.V. (Business Value) for the sales and incentives calculation purpose.