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Director's Note

Mr. Manish Mehta

"The bottom is crowded, see you soon at the top" is the favourite line of Mr. Manish Mehta, who is the Chairman of AM TO PM group. He heads the Cosmos group that has diversified businesses like Real Estate, Wind Power generation, Education, Insurance etc.. Cosmos group is one of the leading real estate conglomerates of Mumbai. Cosmos group has also launched various projects in Pune, Lonavala and Thane etc..

In his own words "It is my burning desire that every individual who associates with us should fulfill hisIher dreams to attain and achieve hisIher goal of financial freedom. Under his able leadership, AM TO PM will grow at a phenomenal pace, creating learning and earning opportunity for people from all walks of life.

Mr. Mehta ensures that whosoever joins in his organization, as an employee or an associate, continues to progress in life. To ensure the growth for all, he generates new innovative ideas and maintains harmony to produce proactive and quality leaders.

Mr. Sunil Korgaonkar
Managing Director

"Dreaming for Achieving" and a believer in "Making it happens"; Mr. Sunil is a workaholic and leave nothing to chance when it comes to achieving his dreams. A strong believer in work rather than luck, he has risen high in his career through hard work and determination. Rising above the ordinary to become a Managing Director of AM TO PM, his life itself is a synonym to motivation. His contribution to the organization's growth and success is commendable. The roadmap and strategy of marketing is setup under his able leadership and guidance and will be creating hundreds of millionaires out of ordinary and mostly unemployed people.

A knack of finding solutions to the toughest of the problems and developing new ideas for a fast growth has gained him a big fan following. Always cheerful and full of energy, Mr. Sunil is a personality to emulate.

Mr. Rambabu Chaurasiya

Mr. Rambabu believes that Education is not only a tool for the development of the individual, community and the nation, but it is also the foundation stone of our future. Education & Training empowers us to make choices and emboldens the youth to chase their dreams. He started System U Win – an educational support system, in the year 2000 with a vision to provide knowledge, build attitude, enhance skills and guide for good habits to all the ambitious people who wants to take Direct Selling as their career choice. Mr. Rambabu has conducted more than 3000 Workshops and Trainings at National and International level.

In his own words, "Empowering youth, Transforming Life, Make a Difference!' is the theme of AM TO PM for which I and each Directors of my organization are putting our best efforts to create a great future of our youth. For the years to come, AM TO PM will work not only in India but also overseas to make people fulfill their dreams. You can't have a better tomorrow if you are still thinking about yesterday. The motive of AM TO PM is to create a Diamond Opportunity in online selling to create future dynamic entrepreneurs with great income". Such is the positivity and zeal of Mr. Rambabu. He is a visionary who thinks beyond self and desires progress of each and every one associated with AM TO PM. His vision is going to help AM TO PM to achieve phenomenal growth over the years to come.

Mr. Tony Shukla

A believer in commitments and not over commitments, Mr. Tony Shukla credits his success to 'consistency'. A dynamic entrepreneur, he is the Director of a real estate conglomerate and sports Academy. A master in providing motivational and customized training, he has won the prestigious 'Best Trainer & Networker' award by Empower GRP, Mumbai. He is also an acclaimed Blogger, Columnist and has a bestselling book 'Alind' to his credit. As a motivational speaker, Mr. Tony has conducted over 2500 workshops and seminars on National and International level.

A believer in being 'Wealthy' rather than just 'Rich', he has enriched his life by pursuing his hobbies and interests. He is a national level player of baseball and Circle Kabaddi. He is also a Celebrity Anchor and a Winner of Khushwant Singh samaan. A multifaceted personality, he is an ace Audio recording specialist. He believes in giving back to the society and thus is involved in social service. He is the President of Rotary Club of Indore Professionals - District 3040.

Mr. Riyaz Patel

A quote mentioned in a religious book says that "Keep creating Benefits for people and you will be a successful person". Mr. Riyaz has built his business around this quote. With a humble beginning, his belief of establishing business through benefitting and improving the lives of people earned him consistent growth.

Progressing with time, Mr. Riyaz established himself in the very competitive real estate market by earning trust of the customers through fair and professional business practices. His company has made big strides in real estate market, launching projects that are a landmark for the industry. Sharing his life and business knowledge with others; his only objective is to motivate them to reach higher in their life. This gives immense satisfaction to Mr. Riyaz Patel. Pursuing this desire, he achieved phenomenal success when he was declared as Winner of the 'Best Trainer and Networker' award by Empower GRP, Mumbai. As a motivational speaker, he has to his credit 2000 workshops and Seminars; both National and International.